What I Believe

I believe in admitting when you’re wrong. I believe in confronting situations so you can move past them. I believe in having a strong sense of self. I believe in contradictions. I believe in saying I don't know. I believe in not playing by society's rules. I believe in making your own and living by them. I believe actions speak louder than words. I believe in replying right away.  I believe in telling people when they have something in their teeth. I believe in being honest as often as possible. I believe in finding the humor in situations. I believe people are unintentionally amusing, but also infuriating. I believe in keeping promises. I believe in having expectations. I believe you should walk, not stand on escalators. I believe in setting boundaries. I believe we all make our own decisions and should be held accountable. I believe in not wasting time with toxic people. I believe in trusting your intuition. I believe in changing your mind. I believe in right and wrong. I believe in black and white. I believe there’s grey, I just don’t usually see it. I believe in understanding your value and knowing what you value. I believe in asking for what you’re worth. I believe everyone has the right to love who they want. I believe we have a responsibility to educate ourselves. I believe in having compassion, but am not able to always show it. I believe in questioning authority. I believe people sometimes need the fantasy in order to survive. I believe life isn’t as easy as I make it out to be. I believe in asking questions. I believe it’s necessary to create narratives to explain our lives. I believe I love you shouldn’t be hard to say and it shouldn’t be hard to receive. I believe in owning your mistakes. I believe in saying sorry. I believe in evaluating all possible outcomes to make the best decision. I believe in maintaining some sort of mystery. I believe in making the effort to understand people who bring value to your life. I believe in choosing who gets to know you. I believe there are some people you don't need to know. I believe women have a responsibility to  protect themselves. I believe many never learn how.  I believe what's right for me, but understand it's not what’s right for everyone. I believe everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.